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Proud to be different.

We're an  accountable, autonomous, adaptable and personable sales partner with the confidence to give you an honest opinion.

For the past 30 years we’ve stayed focused on what we do best – enhancing relationships and extending reach for businesses of all sizes, global or domestic. 

Our team has the industry-wide experience and the transferable skills that allow for a true immersion into your business proposition, no matter how technically sophisticated or niche.  

Prospect Connect’s mission is to help you tell your story in the most captivating terms, whilst solidifying your brand presence and business relationships through proven channels that make the right impression at the right time. 

Prospect Connect are more than just a lead provider or agency, we are your ideal growth partnerIn addition to how we successfully combine proven sales channels, there are three key elements that make us not only effective, but a trusted partner that evolves with you and your business.

From discovering new opportunities to managing daily communications on your behalf, we deliver a level of service and achieve results that enable long term connection and growth with your ideal customers.   

The key to our clients’ success is how we combine proven sales and marketing channels, humanise engagement and bring our clients personality to life.

Expertise without Ego

We aren’t exclusive in the industries we support, but we are passionate about working with like-minded leaders. Every member of our specialist team excels in their field, but they also understand that success comes from adopting your objectives and helping you to evolve the optimum solution to achieve them cost effectively

Our confidence comes from our collective ability to deploy proven sales tactics effectively, empowered by over 30 years of successful project and data insight.

You can expect total honesty and dedication from our team. We’ll give you the confidence your business can achieve its ambitions with our knowledge, experience and proven success in engaging with your ideal customer profile.

Humanising Sales

No matter how much AI services advance and enable us to automate, we are strong believers in people and the power of human interaction. It is that human touch and personal care that bonds us with our clients and their customers. 

Fundamental to our success is our knowledge of complementary demand generation channels. Combining platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Adsand marketing automation software increases sales performance by over 50%. But our web design/development, analytics, search engine optimisation and lead conversion knowledge and proven methods further maximise performance 

Here to serve others

We believe in the importance of generosity and gratitude. Thats why our specialists always go that extra mile to ensure that you and your prospective clients have extra support at their fingertips, when they need it. 

We also show our commitment to our local communities, whether by sharing our time and resources such as supporting people who are homeless or volunteering with a charity that prevents food waste. 

We are driven by serving others and making a positive impact on peoples lives.

Complementary or fully managed.

Successful alone. Powerful together.

From the data science of identifying prospective customers to lead generation, appointment setting through to onboarding, account management and aftercare we offer a fully integrated solution to optimise sales impact and revenue.

Database Management

Data science is a key element to our success across industry. Through a combination of data analysis and artificial intelligence, every database we create, manage and enhance provides the platform for optimised sales performance and a sustainable pipeline for long term growth.

Demand Generation

Our established Business Development and Digital Experts complement your internal sales function or become it, identifying new prospects and converting them into qualified opportunities through a multi-channel approach to outbound sales and lead generation. 

Digital Marketing

All of our digital marketing campaigns are driven by a combination of successful algorithms, time-tested, proven digital tactics and industry knowledge to give you peace of mind and the confidence that together, we can achieve and exceed your sales and marketing goals.

Account Management

Whilst we identify new sales opportunities, we help our clients grow and maximise customer value by continuing to nurture existing relationships. We understand that the key to maximising your return on investment is to ensure that each element of your customer lifecycle is optimised.

Fulfillment Services

To extend our added value services even further we are proud to be launching an end to end fulfillment solution in January 2021 in collaboration with our logistics and distribution partners. This extends our solution beyond customer discovery and sales performance to optimising the entire customer journey for our clients who provide products to both businesses and consumers. 

Sharing Success in 2020

Identifying over £1.9m in new sales for a leading utility specialist in 12 months

Our client required a specialist sales partner to complement the sales activity of their Business Development teams to achieve individual site sales targets. During the last 12 months we have supported them to generate over £1.6m in new commercial customer sales across 3 individual sites. With a dedicated team of 2 Business Development Specialists and combining a proven digital marketing engagement programme,  we successfully identified a pipeline of 687 qualified new business opportunities to complement their overall growth aspirations.

Supporting a luxury clothing retailer to increase online sales by 240%

Previously using WooCommerce to manage online sales for the last 10 years, Prospect Connect initially supported this retailer to drive online sales through a targeted social media programme. After successfully providing complementary sales of £10-20k per month, which provided a 14X ROI on their investment, we advised a website redesign and migration to Shopify to improve the customer journey and reposition their luxury product range, subsequently increasing monthly sales by 240% in the first month after launch.

Generating £800,000 in new online sales for a furniture retailer in 18 weeks

After working with this customer for over 5 years to generate high volumes of footfall into their 3 UK stores, we reacted to the government lockdown of retail stores to create an alternative online sales channel. Through intelligently combining our proven method of online sales generation through social media, email and online advertising with a high converting website, we we’re able to quickly recover their sales aspirations and provide them an alternative income stream to grow their business.

Supporting a Water Infrastructure Solution Provider to recover over £1.2m in 8 weeks

After working with this client for the last 4 years to complement sales performance and educate their customer base on water compliance, we further supported this valued client through the Covid-19 pandemic to recover outstanding debts from their customers dating back to 2017. Taking a recovery through service approach, we engaged directly with these customers and during an 8 week programme with 1 dedicated customer resolution specialist, we were successfully able to recover over £1.2m of monies owed.

Supporting a leading hospitality company to reactivate 2371 customers in 6 months

Partnering with a leading hospitality company we delivered a 120 day campaign to engage with commercial accounts that had not booked with them in over 12 months. Through a sales through service approach to account management and dedicated customer service we successfully generated 2371 rebookings from these customers, delivering over £1.1m in initial revenue in 3 months. This was an initial 26X return on investment which continues to grow as further bookings are placed by reactivated customers.

Supporting an international rug manufacturer to generate €90m in sales

During a 60 day campaign with 1 dedicated International Business Development Specialist we were required to engage with Senior Buyers and Purchasing Directors in large retailers across Europe. Combining quality telemarketing with intelligent social media programmes and email marketing automation we successfully generated 34 premium appointments with our clients “wish list” retailers worth in excess of €90m, whilst establishing a significant pipeline of opportunity in the database for long term growth.

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