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A fully-immersed digital marketing experience, providing increased sales enquiries through effective communication.

Being a multi-faceted agency means that we get the best of all services available in the digital marketing sphere. Utilising our experienced web designers and leading digital marketeers we have been able to achieve staggering sales results on behalf of our clients.

Our flexible and proven infrastructure either supports your individual sales objectives/teams or provides an all encompassed, end to end, outsourced sales and marketing solution which is driven by 30 years of industry experience, proven methods and data insight.

Powerful Digital Marketing.

Our focus at every stage is to maximise the channels that provide the maximium revenue, applying proven techniques and AI that achieve eye watering results for our clients right from the very start of our relationship. Most of our current valued clients stem from referrals due to the confidence, trust and honesty we create with our customers.

Website Design and Development

The importance of web design goes beyond portraying your brand image, it heavily influences your search rankings, user experience and overall ability to convert sales. We are proud to have created websites and online experiences that have delivered exceptional results for our clients.

Social Media

Seeing is believing; it’s social proof. 89% of marketers use social media as a sales tool so if you’re not using it properly, your competitors probably have the advantage. Using our proven algorithms and methodology our clients receive a significant return on investment right from the very start. 

Online Advertising

Sometimes organic growth isn’t fast enough. Whilst providing a long term solution to online growth, paid advertising shortcuts the wait period between marketing to sales, providing immediate sales and enquiries. We are proud to celebrate that all our clients have received at least a 4X ROI from any paid advertising activity that we have managed on their behalf so far in 2020.

Email Marketing & Design

With email marketing trends changing as regularly as fashion, it is essential that your email communications are constructed in the right way. We specialise in high-conversion and high-delivery email campaigns and can support you to maximise the opportunity from your database using this proven channel. 

Digital Communications

As a specialist in delivering timely digital communications for our clients, it’s even more important to ensure what is delivered to them is creating the right customer actions. Whether its a PDF, brochure, email advert media, our specialist design team can help you develop stunning communications that convert. 

Sharing digital marketing success

Identifying over £1.9m in new sales for a leading utility specialist in 12 months

Our client required a specialist sales partner to complement the sales activity of their Business Development teams to achieve individual site sales targets. During the last 12 months, we have supported them to generate over £1.6m in new commercial customer sales across 3 individual sites. With a dedicated team of 2 Business Development Specialists and combining a proven digital marketing engagement programme,  we successfully identified a pipeline of 687 qualified new business opportunities to complement their overall growth aspirations.

Supporting a luxury clothing retailer to increase online sales by 240%

Previously using WooCommerce to manage online sales for the last 10 years, Prospect Connect initially supported this retailer to drive online sales through a targeted social media programme. After successfully providing complementary sales of £10-20k per month, which provided a 14X ROI on their investment, we advised a website redesign and migration to Shopify to improve the customer journey and reposition their luxury product range, subsequently increasing monthly sales by 240% in the first month after launch.

Generating £800,000 in new online sales for a furniture retailer in 18 weeks

After working with this customer for over 5 years to generate high volumes of footfall into their 3 UK stores, we reacted to the government lockdown of retail stores to create an alternative online sales channel. Through intelligently combining our proven method of online sales generation through social media, email and online advertising with a high converting website, we we’re able to quickly recover their sales aspirations and provide them an alternative income stream to grow their business.

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